an american-german-wedding with a big fat party!

What a beautiful wedding. Elizabeth was born in the United States of America and Olivers home is in Regensburg. So the wedding ceremony and party were celebrated in the Brauhaus am Schloss with the whole family from USA in Regensburg. It was a pleasure for me to capture all of the wonderful moments of their BIG DAY with my lovely photographer friend Conny Schöffmann. It was a very special day.. no was'nt only just a day - it was a very special WEEKEND! Conny and I arrived on friday in our accommodation which we had for two nights.


Because: On friday evening there was a GET-TOGETHER with the wedding society already. All of the arriving guests from America and all of them from Germany got together to have wonderful conversations and meet each other.  Conny and I had the pleasure to be there and meet the wedding guests and the bridal couple, too. This evening was a very awesome possibility for creating contacts and socializing.

After that both of us were very tired, especialliy Conny, because she had to drive for three hours to Regensburg. So we went to bed early to be fit for THE DAY after this special evening.



...was too special, to describe it in some little words.

So... just have a look at the following photos. I love them.

Photos always say more than words can do.




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